Conditii de folosire / Terms Of Usage

Toate imaginile care apar pe aceasta pagina imi aparatin. Aceste fotografii nu pot fi descarcate, reproduse, copiate, stocate sau manipulate in orice fel fara acordul scris al meu (Radu Dumitrescu – Grey Wolf Studios), obtinut in prealabil.

Folosirea oricarei fotografii de pe aceasta pagina ca baza pentru un concept fotografic, ilustratie sau orice alta manifestare artistica fara acordul scris al meu obtinut in prealabil este deasemenea o incalcare a legii copyrightului.

Daca doriti sa folositi o fotografie, va rog sa ma contactati in prealabil. Aproape in toate cazurile am pus la dispozitie fotografii in scopuri non-comerciale celor care m-au contactat, fotografia fiind folosita alaturi de numele meu si linkul catre pagina mea (daca fotografia a fost folosita online).

In cazuri mai speciale pot pune la dispozitie fotografii la rezolutie mare.

Fotografiile pot fi folosite si in scopuri comerciale, contra unei taxe.

Va rog contactati-ma inainte. Folosirea unei fotografii fara acordul proprietarului este o infractiune si va fi pedepsesita conform legii.


All the images and/or texts on this webpage/blog belong to me, Radu Dumitrescu. These images and/or texts may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored or manipulated in any way without the written permission from the author (Radu Dumitrescu – Grey Wolf Studios) obtained in advance.

The use of any of the images and/or texts as a base or starting point for any kind of photographic concept, illustration or any kind of artistic manifestation without my written permission, obtained in advance, is also a violation of the copyright law.

If you wish to use any of my images and/or texts please contact me. In almost every case I’ve been happy to make images available for use in non-commercial purposes to those that contacted me.
The image received were used along with a credit line, containing my name and, in case the image was used online, it also contained a link to my webpage. In special cases I can give you the high resolution images.

My images can also be used in commercial purposes, for a fee. Again, please contact me.

Using an image without the owner’s permission is a violation of the copyright law.


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